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Grow your EMEA market share with B2B inside sales outsourcing

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Outsource your SDR function to secure more meetings with executives in large enterprises

If you don’t have the time, expertise, or desire to run your own inside sales team, Delta-v can help. We’re specialists in delivering high-performing sales teams that embed into your sales organisation. Our B2B sales outsourcing service focuses on inside sales outsourcing. You can enjoy a streamlined, effective, predictable sales process by leveraging our remote inside sales teams.

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At Delta-v, we specialise in sales outsourcing for enterprise software companies across Europe, the Middle East, and African (EMEA) regions. As leaders in our enterprise sales development, we design, build, and manage outsourced inside sales teams, enabling you to secure meetings with executive-level buyers at large enterprises quickly. Our teams are meticulously put together and expertly trained to generate a predictable sales pipeline, leading to rapid revenue growth for your business. We primarily cater to organisations with 50+ employees and over $4 million in revenue who need to sell software to enterprise organisations. Whether you’re a CEO, CRO, or CMO, our B2B inside sales services are tailored to fit your needs, offering a reliable path to expand your market reach and boost your sales performance.

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How we’ve helped CEOs, CROs and CMOs drive demand and grow their sales pipeline

3 Reasons to choose Delta-v

Collaborate with EMEA experts

We specialise in architecting outbound campaigns spanning the entire EMEA region, ensuring the creation of a robust sales pipeline.

Top-tier sales talent

Through our battle-tested hiring process, Delta-v consistently recruits exceptional sales development talent.

We understand complex enterprise sales

Our teams of SDRs are proficient in engaging with and navigating the intricate decision-making structures within enterprise accounts.


Can inside sales be outsourced?

Yes, with the right partner you can successfully outsource inside sales. For outsourcing to work well, you need to make sure that that company you work with understands your market and your industry, and has an onboarding process that sets them up for success.

When onboarding with Delta-v, you’ll go through a 45 day process where we work with you to build the outbound go-to-market playbook, set up the tech, and deploy your outsourced team from Delta-v. We’re specialists in targeting large enterprises for B2B software companies who want to gain traction anywhere in EMEA.

We have a complex product and market. How will Delta-v gain an understanding of our target customers?

Understanding your target customers is a critical step in our process, and a key part of the playbook that we’ll build for you during onboarding At Delta-v, we work with you to define your target customers, which includes crafting an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and developing sales-ready buyer personas.

We’ll a half-day with your team for the workshop, involving representatives from your product, marketing, and sales leadership teams. This collaborative effort ensures we gain an in-depth understanding of your target customers, enabling us to craft a well targeted campaign for your outsourced inside sales team.

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