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Introduction: The practical guide to building a repeatable sales motion

By September 10, 2020 April 12th, 2021 No Comments

Many companies go through a steep and painful learning curve when they start trying to build a sales team. This usually happens when they’re making the shift from founder-led selling, but don’t have a repeatable sales motion that they can efficiently train, coach, and scale a sales team on.

There are many great resources available (see list below) that provide a robust framework for thinking about your Go-to-Market. For most companies starting to build sales teams, the challenge is taking the theory and translating it into execution.

The purpose of this blog series is to help companies make the shift from founder-led selling to having a repeatable sales motion that salespeople can successfully execute.

This is intended to be an actionable how-to guide with links to relevant resources. This guide will be broken down into the following posts:

Books and blogs to get you started

As a starting point for anyone in sales or anyone looking to build a sales function, we highly recommend the following books and resources.


Blogs and Podcasts

Who is This Guide Useful For?

This guide is specifically written for companies that already some evidence of product-market fit (you have some customers who have already given you money) and are now starting to think about building a sales team. It should also be useful for startups who are trying to figure out how to make a sale for the first time.

Here’s the link to the next post in the series: Part 1: How to create the building blocks for a repeatable sales motion

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