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How a FinTech used Delta-v to support the launch of a new product

Delta-v Case Study: ARKK


London, UK

Operating Industry:
FinTech, RegTech, Finance Automation, AI

Employee Count:

Target Industries:
Large Enterprise Companies – including Financial Services, Technology Media & Telecoms, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing

Product Complexity:

Annual Contract Value:

Sales Cycle Length:
6+ months


Established in 2008, ARKK provides regulatory reporting and tax automation solutions to finance teams at large organisations such as CMC Markets and eToro.

In September 2021, ARKK engaged Delta-v to provide them with an outsourced SDR team that would embed into their business. Their CEO chose to outsource as he was looking to avoid the headaches they’d previously experienced running their own SDR team. In particular; recruiting, team management, and team member turnover. The initial focus was to restart the outbound sales engine for the VAT module of their Tax Automation Platform, which automates complex tax workflows.

In mid-2022, to complement their VAT offering, ARKK launched a new Operational Transfer Pricing (OTP) module. They decided to use their team of Delta-v SDRs as the primary mechanism for generating sales pipeline for this new use case.

Delta-v provided market mapping, a targeting strategy and a sales playbook that allowed the SDRs to reach thousands of prospects at over 500 multinationals in less than four months.

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With this new OTP module, ARKK was effectively launching a new product into a new market. Their traditional market had largely been the UK. With this Go-to-Market, they were looking to reach potential buyers at multinationals across EMEA and in the US. This meant testing hypotheses about which regions, types of organisations, and buyer personas would be most receptive to the new product offering. ARKK needed to quickly get in front of prospects and generate market feedback to confirm which markets and types of organisations would be the best fit.


Delta-v worked with ARKK to develop the targeting strategy, SDR playbook and messaging for this outbound campaign. ARKK also used Delta-v’s market mapping and research capability to expand on their target account list of large enterprises. The SDR team’s focus was to book demos and discovery calls with multinationals across EMEA and the USA, and also generate data that would provide market insights.

To quickly create awareness of the new product, the SDRs sent outbound emails to all of the prospects that had been identified through the market mapping process. They then made targeted calls to a smaller number of prospects who had either engaged with the email outreach or had been identified as most likely to respond to phone calls.


Meetings were booked within the first week of launching the campaign, and the team of two SDRs quickly ramped up to full productivity. Along with generating a valuable sales pipeline, the results generated sufficient data to validate ARKK’s hypotheses about the target market for their Operational Transfer Pricing solution.

High activity

Over the initial 3.5 months of the campaign, using a combination of email, LinkedIn, and phone calls, ARKK’s two SDRs from Delta-v reached out to 1686 prospects at over 500 multinational companies.

Immediate results

The team booked meetings within the first week of launching the campaign

Consistent pipeline

The two SDRs generated a consistent pipeline; 45 quality meetings with senior executives at major multinationals were generated in 3.5 months

Reaching new markets

The team booked well-qualified meetings with decision-makers in finance and tax teams at companies across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Strategic insights

The data from the outbound campaign provided insights about industries and regions within which target companies would have the greatest appetite for ARKKs Operational Transfer Pricing solution

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