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How a FinTech used Delta-v to seamlessly outsource their outbound

Delta-v Case Study: Electrum


Operating Industry:

Employee Count:

Target Industries:
Banks, Mobile Network Operators, Retailers

Product Complexity:

Annual Contract Value:

Sales Cycle Length:
12+ months


Electrum is an enterprise software company that provides a SaaS transaction processing platform to large banks, retailers and mobile network operators.

Since their founding in 2012, Electrum has enjoyed consistent double-digit growth—acquiring new customers at approximately one new enterprise logo per year. Sales opportunities were generally generated as a result of networking and referrals, with some ad hoc outbound conducted by Electrum’s leadership team and sales executives.

After setting an ambitious long-term revenue target in 2020, Electrum started investing significantly in building their sales and marketing teams.

To increase their pipeline of new logos, Electrum identified the need for an outbound sales development function. They wanted to validate that it was an effective and financially viable way to increase new customer acquisition—especially in their target industries where decision makers are notoriously difficult to reach.

Delta-v built a high-functioning team of SDRs for Electrum in just 43 days. The SDRs started booking meetings with decision makers from the first day of outbound.

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Electrum wanted to increase customer acquisition for a complex product in a competitive home market. They also needed to gather data and test new verticals and markets for their products. Achieving this required them to build a strong sales development function. Not being experts in sales development, they decided to outsource to Delta-v. This would enable them to quickly ramp up the flow of qualified opportunities for their in-house team of account executives. The goal was to achieve full account coverage in their home market while discovering potential clients in new international markets.


On project sign-off, Delta-v used their methodology for identifying and hiring high-potential sales talent to recruit a team of two sales development reps (SDRs) who would be accompanied by an experienced sales development manager. They also worked with Electrum to develop an outbound sales playbook that accounted for the complexity of Electrum’s product and defined the messaging that Electrum’s target personas would be receptive to. After creating a training programme for the team, Delta-v selected, integrated and deployed the outbound sales tech stack the team would operate on.

As promised, the team was on the ground in under 45 days—in this case, it took 43—and both team members booked meetings with decision makers on their first day in action.


Electrum experienced all the benefits of an in-house inside sales team without the challenges and complexities of building and managing the team themselves. The ongoing reporting rhythms and data-backed optimisations mean they continue to grow the sales pipeline quarter on quarter.

$5M+ in pipeline

In just 6 months, Electrum’s team from Delta-v delivered sales pipeline with an unweighted value in excess of $5M.

First day results

Both team members booked meetings with decision makers at target accounts on their first day of doing outbound.

Rapid ROI

In their third month (while still ramping), the team generated opportunities with predicted closed-won revenue in excess of the team’s cost for the year.

International reach

The team improved local market coverage and extended Electrum’s reach by booking meetings in South Africa, Rest of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, and Australia.

Ahead of target

Six months in, Electrum’s outsourced inside sales team from Delta-v is comfortably ahead of their benchmarked target.

High performance hires

One team member booked 15 meetings with decision makers at major banks in a single month.

A team in 43 Days

It took 43 days to hire Electrum’s outbound team, develop a playbook, and integrate the sales tech stack.

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