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How an enterprise software company used a Delta-v team to break into a new vertical

Delta-v Case Study: Lokulus


Manchester, UK

Operating Industry:
Customer Interaction Management, Workflow Automation, AI & Machine Learning

Employee Count:

Target Industries:
Large Enterprise: Insurance, Retail, Travel, Financial Services

Product Complexity:

Annual Contract Value:

Sales Cycle Length:
3-6 months


Lokulus sells AI workflow automation software to large enterprise organisations such as Insurers, Building Societies and Retailers, These companies use Lokulus to improve customer experience and significantly decrease the cost of handling customer service enquiries.

In 2019 Lokulus’ CEO, along with their original founder, took Lokulus private – spinning it out of a larger organisation and investing in growing the business. In late 2021 as the pandemic was winding down, Lokulus initiated the process of expanding their sales organisation. One focus area identified by their CEO was the rapid setup of a sales development team to generate sales pipeline. They were looking to quickly get in front of the right people at large enterprise accounts in order to drive new business.

Lokulus opted to use an outsourced sales development team of two SDRs from Delta-v that would embed into their business. The decision was based on Delta-v’s track record of generating sales pipeline for enterprise software companies, and their focus on high-quality, well-researched outreach.

The initial outbound SDR campaigns targeted large Insurance and Retail companies; Lokulus’ core target market. In mid-2022, Lokulus decided to pursue a new vertical in which they saw great potential.

For this new campaign, the strategy and sales guidance from Delta-v helped Lokulus’s team of SDRs book over 30 meetings with C-level executives and generate a pipeline valued at £400k.

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Competing in a highly aggressive market with many big brand players (e.g., Pega Systems and Salesforce), Lokulus were looking to generate a consistent pipeline of sales opportunities in a new vertical – Travel Management. They needed to quickly get in front of potential buyers across a range of territories to take advantage of the market opportunity they had identified.


Delta-v worked with Lokulus’ leadership team to create the strategy, playbook and messaging for breaking into this new sector. The outbound campaign was aimed at the largest travel management companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Australia in both Corporate and Leisure Travel. This gave the SDRs a very focussed list of high-value accounts to target.


Lokulus were able to get traction in a new vertical and validate their hypothesis that large travel businesses had a strong need for their software. Soon after the launch of the outbound campaign, they were able to send out their first proposal to a major travel company.

Focussed outreach

Over a 3-month period, the campaign targeted 963 people at 250 enterprise accounts.

Rapid results

The first meeting with a major travel management company was booked within a week of the campaign going live

Breaking into a new vertical

The meetings and sales pipeline that were generated validated Lokulus’ market opportunity with large travel management companies

International reach

Qualified meetings were generated across the UK, Europe, Australia, the UAE, and South Africa

C-level engagement

Over 30 well-qualified meetings with C-level executives at the world’s largest travel management companies were held

High-value sales pipeline

The campaign generated a pipeline of leads with an expected closed-won value of £400k

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