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How Polymorph used Delta-v’s Blueprint for sales development acceleration to fire up their outbound sales engine

Delta-v Case Study: Polymorph


Stellenbosch, South Africa

Operating Industry:
Cloud Software, IoT, Mobile Apps

Employee Count:

Target Industries:
Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Logistics

Service Complexity:

Annual Contract Value:

Sales Cycle Length:
2-6 months


Polymorph is an established tech company that builds and manages custom software for successful and growing companies. Their customers include a range of businesses across financial services, renewable energy, retail, healthcare and logistics.

For some time, Polymorph had been looking to move beyond founder-led sales. They’d tried various approaches to structuring their sales and business development team. However, because they build custom solutions for each customer, they’d found it challenging to create a repeatable sales process that non-founders could successfully execute. This led them to identify the need for a Sales Development (SDR) function that would generate sales opportunities for their leadership team to close. As a result, they hired two high potential candidates to become SDRs in their business.

With Delta-v’s SDR Acceleration Blueprint, Polymorph’s leadership were able to set their sales development team up for long term success and close their first SDR-generated deal in six weeks.

Set your sales team up for success

Get a high-performing SDR team built for you, driven by us.


Polymorph’s leadership had no prior experience ramping and managing a team of SDRs. They wanted to avoid the costly trial and error process of building a repeatable and predictable outbound sales motion from scratch. They identified the need for assistance in the following areas:

  • Establishing processes for effectively managing and coaching their SDRs
  • Setting realistic SDR activity metrics and targets
  • Effectively supporting their team with battle tested cadence structures, call scripts and email templates
  • Training team members on outbound sales craft and sales process


After assessing the areas in which they needed support, Polymorph engaged Delta-v to assist them with setting up their team. The principle was to equip Polymorph’s leadership to operate their team without requiring further support from Delta-v.

Delta-v designed and rolled out a 3-week SDR and SDR-management training program for Polymorph. This was based on Delta-v’s own proven blueprint for training, ramping and managing SDR teams.

The first week consisted of working with the Polymorph’s leadership to customise Delta-v’s standard SDR training program and design the cadences, call scripts and a lead qualification framework. The following two weeks were spent providing sales management training to Polymorph’s leadership and daily training sessions to the SDR team members on the various aspects of sales craft and outbound sales process.


Polymorph were able to quickly get their SDR team productive. Quality sales pipeline was generated almost immediately. By utilising Delta-v’s blueprint instead of building from scratch, Polymorph’s leadership saved weeks of expensive management time and months of painful learning through trial and error.

Immediate results

Following Delta-v’s training, one SDR booked their first quality meeting on their second day of outbound activity

Instant ROI

Many weeks of expensive management time and months of trial and error were saved using Delta-v’s Blueprint for Sales Development Acceleration

Accelerated revenue

Polymorph closed their first SDR-generated deal within 6 weeks of their Delta-v trained team going live

Equipped for high performance

One SDR trained by Delta-v was able to book 7 quality meetings in a single week

Repeatable process

Polymorph’s leadership has been equipped to effectively train and manage new SDRs without needing support from Delta-v

Unlock your growth potential

Supercharge your sales engine,with minimal risks and at predictable costs.