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Get your own dedicated SDR team from Delta-v

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Increase your flow of high-quality meetings with our custom, dedicated sales development teams

If you’re selling a complex product into enterprise organisations – it’s critical that you have a team of the right people, who are exclusively focussed on generating qualified leads and B2B sales pipeline to fuel the rest of your sales machine.

Enterprise software companies work with us when they know that they need a SDR team, but don’t have the time, internal know-how, or appetite for running one of these teams themselves. A key part of our sales outsourcing service is providing teams of sales development representatives (SDRs), who embed into your sales organisation.

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Your dedicated team will consist of SDRs who integrate into your business and are solely focussed on your success., They’ll be managed by an experienced sales development manager, who understands your market and manages a number of other teams.

Once assigned to you, your Delta-v SDR team will operate from a custom built outbound playbook that’s specific to the complexities of your product and sales process. Over time, we’ll work with you to review and refine the approach, and select the most effective outbound techniques and tactics for your product and market.

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How we’ve helped CEOs, CROs and CMOs drive demand and grow their sales pipeline

3 Reasons to work with Delta-v

Collaborate with EMEA Experts

Delta-v is your go-to partner for crafting outbound sales campaigns across EMEA, expertly designed to get you qualified sales pipeline.

Work with A-player sales development reps

At Delta-v, we hire the best sales development talent through our tried-and-true recruitment strategy.

Leverage our expertise in complex B2B sales

Our teams of SDRs are well-equipped to manoeuvre through the intricate decision-making structures within enterprise accounts.


Should I choose an outsourced or in-house SDR team?

Companies choose an outsourced sales development team when they need more sales pipeline, but want to avoid the complexity of managing, hiring, and training junior sales people. Outsourcing your SDR team will enable you to increase your sales efforts without having to add more internal headcount. With an outsourced team, you have the flexibility to scale up and down as necessary.

Will the dedicated SDR team look and feel like our own team?

Yes, our dedicated SDRs will look and feel like your own team – but with none of the headaches. They’ll operate using email addresses from your business, and their Linkedin profiles will say they work for you. They will join your sales standups, and Delta-v will run regular strategy sessions with you to ensure that we’re aligned.

What are the key advantages of a dedicated SDR?

It generally takes at least 6 months to build an SDR team from scratch. Delta-v can provide you with a fully functioning team within 45 days of proposal sign off. Getting your own SDR team to be successful is often a trial and error process that burns significant amounts of time and money. Delta-v are experts in building and running SDR teams, enabling you to avoid the painful process of learning via trial and error.

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