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From SDR to Senior SDR in a year: my experience working at Delta-v

Terrance Robin, who went from SDR to Senior SDR in a year at Delta-v, highlighting growth and determination.

A reflection from one of our SDRs, Terrance Robin, on his first year working at Delta-v.

I walked through the doors of Delta-v for my first day of work as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) on 1 November 2020. Breaking into the SaaS and FinTech space was a career goal, and I was so excited to be in a high-achieving environment like Delta-v. 

I’d been a top performer in my previous job, working as a sales rep in the travel industry before the pandemic made me reevaluate my career aspirations. Despite having some experience in outbound business development, I still had to go through a rigorous four-stage hiring process to land the Sales Development Consultant role at Delta-v. The blueprint for success at the company lies in the ability to identify and attract the top talent in the industry. Delta-v has a very clear scorecard to measure potential hires against, with the goal of getting hiring choices right the first time. The purpose of this is to achieve a culture of excellence in the workplace.

Every day, I step into a workplace filled with my friends – high performers in the industry I get to constantly learn from, and who learn from me. 

The SDR / BDR hiring process started off with a brief screening session via phone. From there, we had a video call to go over my current situation in more depth, and following that, I was given a task to complete to demonstrate my research and written communication skills. I was then invited in for a Simulation Day, or “Sim Day”. This involved coming into the office, spending the day with the team and performing various tasks that gave them insight into my skills, strengths, and weaknesses. When it comes to new hires, the team is looking for communication skills, work ethic, coachability and – most importantly – culture fit.  

Culture is an important part of Delta-v’s recipe for success. Our “work hard, play hard” philosophy means we strive to deliver on our objectives for our clients, and exceed their expectations. We also make time to connect as a team and prioritise creating an office environment people want to work in. It’s a space where ideas, opinions and learnings can be exchanged freely and incorporated into our work. Every day, I step into a workplace filled with my friends – high performers in the industry I get to constantly learn from, and who learn from me. 

The client team I was assigned to was Electrum Payments – one of South Africa’s most successful FinTechs, based in Cape Town. I developed extensive knowledge of their business and had opportunities to work directly with their CEO and executive team. The focus of my role was to work in local and international markets, prospecting into Banks, Mobile Network Operators and Retailers. I set up discovery meetings and demos with top execs in South Africa, EMEA and the APAC regions, consistently hitting my targets along the way.

Despite not having a foundation in the SaaS and FinTech industry, Delta-v’s onboarding process and SDR / BDR training programme set me up for success.Through constant feedback, training and a culture of learning, I was equipped to perform at my best. As a result, within my 3rd month of being at the company, I was fully ramped and exceeding targets. One year later, and I’m now moving into a role as the Senior SDR on a new client – a New York-based FinTech called Daloopa. Looking forward to what the next year has in store.

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Alex Gasson

Alex Gasson is the CEO and founder of Delta-v. We provide outsourced sales development teams to Enterprise Software and FinTech companies. Prior to founding Delta-v Alex founded and successfully exited a tech recruitment business, following which he had two successful stints as a revenue leader in high growth B2B tech startups. His approach is grounded in deep theoretical understanding of Go-to-Market best practices, combined with over 15 years of hands on experience setting up and running high performance B2B sales organisations. Alex’s writing focuses on expert sales advice focussed on B2B sales development and Go-to-Market activities.