We’re on a mission

Delta-v’s mission is to accelerate the growth of B2B technology companies across South Africa and throughout Europe.

We’ve done our time in the trenches

We know what it’s like to scale sales. Over the years, our SaaS Go-to-Market experience has covered sales enablement, product marketing, pricing and packaging strategy, and building full-cycle sales teams. 

We’ve learnt a simple truth:

The biggest barrier to growth for most tech companies is their ability to generate a predictable pipeline of high-quality sales opportunities.

We realised that the biggest lever we can pull in pursuit of our mission is to provide the high-performing inside sales teams necessary to generate that pipeline. These teams are incredibly difficult to design, build and manage. We’ve seen the unwanted management overhead they create for business leaders who have many other urgent priorities.

For us though, it’s a passion—we’re sales nerds after all. 

Meet the team

Alex Gasson

Founder & Managing Director

Alex has an extensive track record of building revenue organisations for tech companies. This includes his own startup which he successfully sold in 2015. He’s worked with numerous software companies, helping them to build out predictable and scalable sales engines that drive profitable revenue growth.

Bryn Lake

Sales Development Consultant

Bryn loves the tech ecosystem and has held positions in marketing at two previous startups. Over time, he transitioned into and focused more on sales functions within those companies. He is passionate about fuelling the growth of tech companies in South Africa, and beyond.

Terrance Robin

Sales Development Consultant

Having gained first-hand insight into the pain points that companies endure when trying to add value to their businesses, Terrance has been hooked on helping other companies solve theirs ever since. With a proven sales track record, he’s determined to drive growth within the tech industry by helping tech companies reach their full potential.

Travis van Rensburg

Sales Development Consultant

Travis is a complete sales nerd. He’s dedicated the majority of his post-schooling life to learning everything he can about sales process, go-to-market strategies, business development tactics and their execution. Having started out in more generalist sales roles he realised over time his true passion lay with top of funnel sales activity and building early stage pipeline for tech companies to help fuel their growth.

Taariq Tayob

Business Development Consultant

Taariq possesses a diverse mix of analytical and creative problem-solving skills, coming from both a biotech and marketing background. He initially deployed these at one of SA’s largest advertising agencies working on some of the countries’ biggest brands. Being passionate about affecting positive change in the world, he quickly realised the best place to do this was the world of tech and start-ups, helping fuel their growth.

Work with us

Join our growing pool of sales specialists driven to accelerate the growth of tech companies.