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Get An Outbound Sales Playbook That Sets You Up for Sales Development Success

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Secure More Qualified Meetings With Our Outbound Sales Playbook

If you’re running an SDR team, you need a playbook that creates the framework for how your sales development reps will operate. When you onboard with Delta-v, we’ll conduct a series of workshops to develop the outbound playbook that your SDR-team-as-a-Service from Delta-v will use. The playbook provides the strategy, targeting and messaging needed to secure more meetings with executive-level buyers at large corporations anywhere in EMEA.

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An outbound playbook is essential to the Delta-v formula for delivering high-performance sales development teams.

Each campaign a Delta-v SDR team conducts is accompanied by an outbound playbook defining the strategy, target market, product messaging, and campaign goals.

The playbook trains the team and provides the framework for a campaign. It generally takes Delta-v 100 hours of professional services time to construct a new playbook.

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How we’ve helped CEOs, CROs and CMOs drive demand and grow their sales pipeline

3 Reasons to choose Delta-v

Work with EMEA experts

Delta-v is your go-to partner for expertly designed outbound sales campaigns across the EMEA region to get you a qualified sales pipeline.

Collaborate with the best sales development reps

With our tried-and-tested recruitment strategy, we hire A-team players, hiring only the best sales development talent.

We’re experts in complex B2B sales

Our team of SDRs is skilled in manoeuvring the challenging decision-making structures involved within enterprise accounts.


What’s included in the outbound sales playbook?

Your playbook will be developed in collaboration with you and will include the following:

Outbound campaign strategy

Outbound strategy
Outbound approach

Product messaging

High-level product overview
Business and use cases

Target customer definition

Ideal customer profile
Sales-ready buyer personas

Outbound cadence

Account & contact research process
Call scripts per persona
Email templates & personalisation guidelines per persona
Multichannel outbound cadence

Opportunity handover process

Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) definition & acceptance process
SDR to Account Executive SAL handoff process

Success metrics & KPIs

SDR Activity Metrics
Monthly Sales Accepted Lead Benchmarks

Will the outbound sales playbook improve over time?

Yes, generally, your sales playbook should be seen as a living document. Successfully building a predictable and repeatable sales process requires customer interactions, followed by iterations. Initial versions of artefacts, such as email copy or phone scripts, will significantly change over multiple interactions of field testing.

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