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Outsourced SDR services for European companies looking to grow

Delta-v is the trusted sales development partner for software companies across Europe. Our expert team enables you to expand your market presence securing meetings with key decision-makers at leading enterprises. With our Outsourced SDR Services, you can streamline drive growth without the burden of managing an in-house SDR team.

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Focused European expertise

Our team has run scores of outbound campaigns across Europe including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, focusing on decision-makers at Europe’s largest enterprise companies.

Qualified meetings

Whether you lack an effective SDR team or your current setup isn’t delivering results, we resolve these challenges to help you get meetings with qualified leads booked straight into your sales team’s calendars.

In-depth market knowledge

Our comprehensive understanding of the European enterprise landscape, including the Nordics, Benelux and DACH regions enables us to navigate and connect with the right prospects for your business.

Elite talent

Our highly skilled sales development reps operate within European time zones, are fluent in neutral English, and are well-versed in the region’s diverse cultures and buying behaviours.

Enterprise software companies who trust us for European expansion

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ARKK used their Delta-v SDR team to reach thousands of prospects at over 500 multinationals and generate sales pipeline for a new product

ARKK, a regulatory reporting and tax automation solutions provider to large enterprises, was launching a new product into new international markets. They already had a team of SDRs from Delta-v. Based on this team’s successful track record, ARKK opted to use them as the primary mechanism for generating sales pipeline for the new offering. Quality meetings were booked from the first week of the campaign.

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"A client testimonial photo for Delta-v - Dani Cyrus Chief Customer Officer"

Our SDR team from Delta-v are ARKK people - they’re a great fit for our culture, understand our business and speak our lingo. They work extremely hard to drive results for us.

Dani CyrusChief Customer Officer
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With a Delta-v team, Lokulus broke into a new vertical and within three months generated pipeline worth £400k in closed-won revenue

AI workflow automation company, Lokulus, identified an opportunity to expand into a new vertical, and needed to quickly get in front of prospects. Along with providing their outsourced SDR team, we helped create the strategy, sales playbook and core messaging to successfully break into the vertical and ultimately book qualified meetings with over 30 C-level execs at enterprise companies across EMEA and Australia.

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A client testimonial photo for Delta-v - Alister Harris CEO

The results from this campaign have dramatically exceeded my expectations, in particular the traction we’ve seen in markets such as Australia and the UAE.

Alister HarrisCEO

Why do European companies trust us?

Extensive domain knowledge

We specialise in sales development for software companies that sell high-ticket and complex solutions to larger enterprises across EMEA. We provide solutions tailored to specific industries. Our expertise spans:

  • Enterprise software
  • FinTech
  • RegTech
  • Payments Tech

A structured approach to hiring & training

We leverage South Africa’s talent pool, known for its hardworking and motivated individuals, offering a competitive edge over traditional hiring markets. Our rigorous hiring process ensures we onboard intelligent, curious, and driven individuals capable of handling the complexities of selling enterprise software. Our team undergoes a comprehensive training programme backed by a scientific approach to sales processes and metrics. We invest in continuous professional development for our SDR team members.

Solutions, not more problems

We bridge the gap at the top of your sales funnel by supplying your sales team with a steady stream of well-researched and qualified meetings with the right decision-makers at enterprise companies in EMEA. You get a fully operational SDR team that seamlessly integrates with your own, minus the management burden and hassles of building an in-house team.

Our team delivers insights, market feedback, and learnings from the campaigns we run, providing additional value to refine your go-to-market strategy, messaging, and targeting

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How our outsourced SDR service
for Europe works

Building your outbound sales playbook

Identify your ICP, TAM & Messaging

Your sales and marketing leaders will collaborate with our strategy team to develop a comprehensive playbook tailored to your needs. This playbook includes a detailed outbound campaign strategy, high-level product messaging, and clear definitions of your ideal customer profile and sales-ready buyer personas. Additionally, we outline a multichannel outbound cadence with customised call scripts, email templates, and personalisation guidelines per persona.

Our playbook also establishes an opportunity handover process, defining Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) criteria and ensuring a smooth transition from SDRs to Account Executives. Finally, we set success metrics and KPIs to track SDR activity and monthly sales benchmarks. By meticulously following this process, our SDRs are rigorously trained on your proposition, messaging, and objection-handling strategies, ensuring they are fully prepared to engage and convert your prospects.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Our outbound sales team generates leads through phone calls, LinkedIn, and email. Our outreach is customised for decision-makers and C-suite executives, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

The start of your SDR outreach

1-to-1 prospect engagement

Our SDRs engage your prospects using personalised phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages. Each interaction is meticulously logged into the CRM, with prospects assigned statuses and follow-up actions based on their position in the sales cycle. During the nurture flow, prospects receive relevant content, personalised resources, and further qualifying conversations via phone.

Lead handover & closing

Smooth transition to your sales team

Once a prospect is qualified, a meeting with a member of your sales team is scheduled. Then, all you have to do is demo your software and close!


Are your outsourced or managed SDR services scalable as our company grows in the European market?

As a trusted provider of outsourced and managed SDR services, we understand the importance of scalability for your business growth in the European market. With our services, you can quickly scale your resources based on your business needs and evolving market demand. By partnering with us, you can confidently expand your operations in Europe, knowing that your SDR services can adapt and accommodate your evolving business goals and market dynamics.

How much do you charge?

We invite you to book a discovery call to determine the ideal solution to maximise your ROI. Once we understand your requirements better, we can provide you with a quote.

How quickly can I get started?

Typically, our SDR outreach commences within 30 days of onboarding as a client. This means we’ll connect you with your prospects in the time it usually takes to make one hire!

Do your SDRs have any European Language skills

All of our outreach is done in English. We’ve seen good success targeting senior decision markets using English across the Nordics, Benelux, and DACH regions.