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Sales Outsourcing As A Service

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Qualified Sales Pipeline For Fintechs & Enterprise Software Companies

As a FinTech or Enterprise Software Company, you’ll partner with us when you’ve recognised the need for a SDR team but lack the time, internal expertise, or desire to manage a team of junior salespeople.

A Delta-v SDR-team-as-a-Service will help you generate more sales pipeline and predictably secure meetings with your target buyers who work in large enterprises anywhere in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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Sales Outsourcing Service – SDR and BDR teams

By outsourcing your sales development (SDR) to Delta-v, you’ll get a comprehensive service tailored to the complexity of your product and market and scientifically designed to ensure that you get the sales pipeline you need to drive your business forward.

Expertly recruited teams of high-performance sales hires

An SDR team from Delta-v comprises scientifically recruited sales development representatives managed by an experienced sales development manager and supported by our sales operations, sales enablement and strategy functions.

Outbound Sales Playbooks

An outbound playbook accompanies every SDR team that we deploy. A playbook defines your strategy, who’ll be targeted, the key messages, and the lead qualification processes needed to generate high-value meetings. Playbooks are developed through a structured method of workshops that we facilitate. They provide the framework that your Delta-v SDR team will operate from.

Dedicated SDRs

You’ll get a dedicated team of SDRs who fit into your sales process and integrate into your organisation. If you have a complex product, you need team members who are 100% focused on your success and not working on multiple campaigns.

Best-in-class sales tech and tooling

Your SDRs from Delta-v will be equipped with the gold standard for outbound tooling. This includes LinkedIn Sales Navigator, B2B data providers like Zoominfo, Apollo and Lusha, and a sales engagement tool like SalesLoft (with a new environment created for each client).

A Turnkey Outsourced B2B Inside Sales Team

Delta-v is recognised for providing the best inside sales teams for software companies that want to target large enterprises across EMEA. Our team members can navigate multi-national organisations and secure more meetings with crucial decision-making executives.

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How we’ve helped CEOs, CROs and CMOs drive demand and grow their sales pipeline

3 Reasons to choose Delta-v

Collaborate with EMEA experts

We specialise in architecting outbound campaigns spanning the entire EMEA region, ensuring the creation of a robust sales pipeline.

Top-tier sales talent

Through our battle-tested hiring process, Delta-v consistently recruits exceptional sales development talent.

We understand complex enterprise sales

Our teams of SDRs are proficient in engaging with and navigating the intricate decision-making structures within enterprise accounts.


What differentiates Delta-v?

Our difference is our focus and skillset in this region. Delta-v concentrates explicitly on the EMEA region, with experience helping software companies and fintechs sell complex products to enterprise-level clients.

Do you offer sales training?

Yes, we offer sales training for companies that don’t want to outsource their sales development team but want a blueprint for setting up and operating their own team.

We provide our sales training service, which will equip you to:

  • Make consistent, great sales hires who meet their targets.
  • Equip your sales team with a proven sales playbook.
  • Rapidly bring your team up to full productivity and manage their performance effectively.
  • Develop your team’s sales skills and deepen their understanding of an effective sales process.
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