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B2B Sales Training & Consulting

Build & Operate A Winning Inside Sales Team

Now you can get Delta-v’s battle-tested blueprint for setting up and running high performing Sales Development (SDR) teams. With our B2B sales training, you’ll learn how to:

Consistently make great sales hires who hit their targets
Arm your sales team with a proven sales playbook
Quickly ramp your team to full productivity and manage their overall performance
Develop your team’s sales skills and their understanding of an effective sales process
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Solve these common sales leadership challenges

Bad Hires

Finding and hiring good people is tough, and you struggle to predict who will be successful.

Staff Retention

Your best people leave because there isn't enough direction, clarity and structure in how you operate your sales team.

Credible KPIs

You’re unsure whether you have the right KPIs and targets, your team doesn't feel successful and can't earn enough commission.

Missed Targets

Your growth and sales targets are often missed because of the people and process challenges in your sales organisation

How CEOs, Sales Leaders, and Sellers have benefited from our sales training & consulting services

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What you’ll learn from this B2B sales training programme

You’ll get the proven Delta-v blueprint, used by our clients and at Delta-v when we set up and operate SDR teams for our SDR-teams-as-a-Service customers.

The modules in the training programme include interactive workshops and training sessions where we walk you through our structured, templated methodology for building and running sales teams. Included are the templates, processes and skills required to scientifically operate your SDR team. We also provide hands-on sales skills & sales process training to your team members.

Depending on your requirements, you can select the training modules in the curriculum as a complete sales training & consulting programme (highly recommended) or as individual modules customised to your needs.

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Sales Training Curriculum

Module 1: Hiring the right people for your inside sales team

Learning outcomes: In this module, you’ll learn how to consistently attract & hire great salespeople who will hit their targets.


  • The scorecard for great sales hires
  • How to attract great sales hires
  • How to design your sales hiring process

Module 2: How to develop an outbound go-to-market playbook for your inside sales team

Learning outcomes: In this module, you’ll learn how to build a playbook that gets your team to generate a consistent sales pipeline with the right people at the right companies.


  • How to develop your outbound strategy
  • Defining your ideal customer profile and personas
  • Creating your multichannel (phone, email, LinkedIn) outbound messaging
  • Designing and structuring outbound sequences
  • Lead research & qualification processes
  • SDR to AE handover process

Module 3: How to onboard, train, and operate your inside sales team

Learning outcomes: In this module, you’ll learn which KPIs to track and use to hold your team accountable. We’ll also cover how to structure your onboarding and training to quickly ramp your team members to full productivity.


  • How to structure your SDR onboarding and training
  • Which metrics and KPIs to use to measure your team’s performance and hold them accountable

Module 4: Sales skills & sales process training for you and your team

Learning outcomes: In this module, you and your sales team will be equipped with the sales skills and processes that will enable them to do effective business development and consistently booking high quality meetings with your ideal customers.


  • B2B sales process & the buyer’s journey
  • Roles in the sales process
  • The process for outbound business development
  • How to do research to find the right people at the right companies
  • How to send great cold emails
  • How to make cold calls that book meetings
  • How to handle objections
  • How to do great follow-ups

3 Reasons to get sales training from Delta-v

Battle tested training material

We will train you exactly as we train our own sales people and the inside sales teams that we build for our SDR-teams-as-a-Service customers. Because we operate multiple SDR teams, we constantly update the training to incorporate new learnings from the field.

Immediately actionable learnings

Our training is customised for you and structured so that it’s easy to apply and can be actioned immediately by your team members in their day-to-day work.

Proven results

Companies who’ve gone through the programme have increased pipeline by 8x, and have closed new business within a few weeks of completing the training.


How much does the training cost?

The training is customised to your business. Book a meeting with us, and once we understand your requirements and the number of participants, we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

How is the training delivered?

All of the training is instructor-led – either in person or over Zoom by one of our experienced sales experts. The training is a mix of workshops, training sessions, and review sessions of templates that you will need to complete, according to the module.

How long does the training take?

Delta-v breaks up each module into a number of hour-long sessions. Immediately after each session, you and your team will implement the training in the real world. Each module is delivered over 5-10 working days. If you choose all modules, which we highly recommend, you can complete the end-to-end program in 4-6 weeks.