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Get More Meetings With A Team That Has The Right SDR Tech Stack

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The Crucial Role Of Your SDR Teams Tech Stack

If you’re operating an SDR team, you want to ensure that they can focus on high-value tasks like outbound outreach and that routine tasks are automated as much as possible.

That’s why we equip our SDR-teams-as-a-Service teams with the best-in-class outbound technology, with the tech stack included in our service. The tech stack will drive your Delta-v SDR team’s productivity, so they can spend more time securing meetings with executives at large enterprises. You’ll enjoy a more streamlined, effective, and predictable sales process and full transparency on all outbound activity and interactions.

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Every SDR team that we deploy is equipped with licences for a best-in-class, fully integrated, outbound sales tech stack. This includes:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • B2B Data Providers
  • Sales Engagement Platform

For each new customer, we set up a dedicated Salesloft instance. All prospect and interaction data will be stored in this environment, and you’ll have full access and visibility.

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How we’ve helped CEOs, CROs and CMOs drive demand and grow their sales pipeline

3 Reasons to choose Delta-v

Collaborate with EMEA specialists

Delta-v is your go-to partner for crafting efficient outbound sales campaigns throughout the EMEA region to grow your qualified sales pipeline.

Work alongside world-class sales development representatives

Through our proven recruitment strategy, we hire top-tier performers, ensuring the highest calibre of sales development talent.

We specialise in intricate B2B sales

Our professional team of SDRs is skilled in navigating the complex decision-making frameworks inherent within large enterprise accounts.


What are the benefits of Delta-v’s SDR tech stack?

Technology serves as the essential catalyst in empowering high-performing sales development teams. Our tech stack is specifically developed for enterprise software companies to secure more meetings with executive-level buyers and minimise work-related impediments. An optimised tech stack enhances productivity by automating routine tasks, freeing up your dedicated SDR team to focus on more valuable work.

Will I have access to my Salesloft data at the end of the engagement?

Yes, upon completion of the agreement, all your Salesloft data can be transferred to you.

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